All rules will be compliant with National Dance Council of America official regulations.  

All competitors, Amateur, Pro-Am, and Professional must provide proof of NDCA 2023 registration before dancing.  ​Any competitor not currently registered with the NDCA will be required to register at the competition on their smartphone, and to show proof of registration, before being given a package, number, heat sheet or allowed to dance.

The NDCA syllabus is used for all closed categories. Closed syllabus events will be invigilated by an NDCA certified Invigilator.



Early Registration Discount ends on February 10th.  All entries paid in full by the Early Registration Date will receive a $5 rebate at the conclusion of the event.

Final Registration and Payment Deadline is February 26th 2023.  A $50 late fee per person will be charged for all registration and payments received after the deadline.

Studio checks, and personal checks will not be accepted after the deadline or at the competition, only cash, Cashier’s Checks, Money Orders, and credit card payments.


A $40 surcharge will be issued on all returned checks.


A student may only enter two dance levels, their own level plus one higher. Example:  A bronze level dancer may dance all bronze and silver levels but may not enter gold. 


Newcomer Events are open to students who have competed less than one calendar year.​


To enter any Pro-Am Scholarship you must dance the same number of single dances as listed in each scholarship​. Organizers reserve the right to merge scholarships that do not have full finals.


Pre Teen (11 & Under) competitors are restricted in costuming as per the NDCA rule book

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We are now offering proficiency categories in all levels and age groups for those who wish to compete for their own individual score rather than against others.


Cancellations with refund requests after the final registration deadline (Febrary 26 2023) and before the first day of the event (March 9 2023) will be take on a case by case basis.  From the first day of the event onward scratches, cancellations, and missed heats will not be eligible for refunds. No refunds will be issued for meal tickets, reserved seats, or general admission tickets.


All attendees, being fully cognizant of the risks inherent in ballroom dancing and exhibitions, shall hereby:


1. Assume all risks of bodily injury (including death) and property damage inherent in attending this event.

2. Release and hold harmless Gateway Dancesport, Championships; Larinda McRaven, Daniel Messenger, and/or the National Dance Council of America, Inc. from all liability to me, my personal representatives, assigns, heirs, and next of kin, and against any claim or cause of action which I or anyone claiming by, through or under me, may at any time have against those hereby release, arising out of bodily injury (including death or damage), loss or theft of articles suffered by me while attending this event.


3. Consent to use and release of his/her name and likeness to be used in photographs, television filming and recording of the event used in connection with the television broadcast, exhibition, distribution or promotion of the event in any manner and by any means, now or in the future by Gateway Dancesport Championships LLC, Larinda McRaven, Daniel Messenger, or the National Dance Council of America, Inc. If any person has an objection to being video taped or the possibility of being seen on these tapes or in any publicity trailers or other use of his or her picture, please notify the organizers of this event in writing thirty days prior to the commencement. Failure to notify will be considered as permission granted.  


4. Be bound by the National Dance Council of America, Inc. rules and by participating in this event, automatically become obligated to adhere to them.